Encapsulated PCB & Circuits

We support the design and production of smart cables, overmolded PCBAs, overmolded flex circuits, encapsulated LEDs, and encapsulated sensors.

We provide IP-67 and IP-68 sealing levels in a wide variety of our overmolding PCB designs. Our solutions can be designed to withstand saltwater, acids, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and other harsh substances. With the use of high-performance materials, we provide molded PCB and encapsulated PCB solutions for assemblies that help protect the circuits and components from the outside world.

In addition to encapsulating your printed circuit boards, we can build your complete cable assembly and provide a turnkey solution for your project. Our dependable process improves time to market and ensures fewer failure points. We offer tooling, custom cable assemblies, and overmolding to find solutions to any challenge you bring our way.