ISC Engineering Joins NAMM

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is an association dedicated to the music industry. Members include commercial companies, distributors, affiliates, and manufacturers. True to ISC's mission to expand the use of custom molded cable assembly interconnects, custom products in the music industry are a primary focus for us.

Similar to many of the solutions we provide for other markets, musical equipment interconnects have their own set of "harsh environments". ISC has provided overmold cable solutions for high-fidelity audio, onstage performance, and consumer products. We also offer discrete slip-on strain relief options which can be used on virtually any wire or cable diameter.

All of us at ISC are music lovers and NAMM is dedicated to the access of music education in schools. Doing our part to contribute to the future of music education is important to us.

For more info regarding NAMM or NAMM related programs, please visit their website

If you would like to learn more about ISC’s over molding capabilities for custom Audio products. Please contact one of our sales engineers or visit our website

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