ISC Engineering Acquired by Tide Rock Holdings with Plans to Expand Service Offering and Accelerate Growth

ISC Engineering is pleased to announce that it was acquired by Tide Rock Holdings on August 31, 2018. Tide Rock’s investment opens an exciting new chapter for the company. The company will continue providing industry-leading overmolded solutions while investing in new technologies to expand its offerings for high performance and harsh environment applications. Investments will also be made to increase the company’s capacity and enable ISC Engineering to scale with its customers.

ISC Engineering’s management team is committed to the company’s growth plan and will continue in their current roles. Steve Burk, the company’s co-founder and president, has moved to an advisory role. He remains invested in the business and will continue to lend his 48 years of industry experience to the company. He has been replaced by Steven Willing, who brings over 25 years of industry and executive leadership experience, including as President of Esterline Connection Technologies. Ryan Peddycord, CEO of Tide Rock Holdings, said, “Tide Rock looks forward to working closely with Mr. Willing and the ISC management team. We see tremendous growth potential and will support the company in investing in new technologies and production capacity to better serve its current and future customers.”

ISC Engineering is committed to expanding its industry leadership in high performance and harsh environment overmolding applications. The company is adding low pressure polyurethane molding to its unique set of capabilities. This exciting new technology will enable new overmolding and potting solutions for embedded circuits and sensors. Mr. Willing said, “Low pressure molding will enable solutions innovation and the deployment of circuits and sensors throughout the high performance and harsh environment applications our customers want to develop.”

Of the deal, Steve Burk said, “It has been my honor to build and lead ISC Engineering. What ISC Engineering does matters. I am happy to have partnered with Tide Rock Holdings on this deal, and I am confident that ISC’s employees, customers, and vendors will be served well under Tide Rock’s ownership.” Steven Willing said, “I am glad to have worked with Steve and his management team over the last 6 months to plan and execute this transition. The management team and I are committed to maintaining ISC Engineering’s reputation for excellence in solutions engineering, design-to-production management, and production quality. We look forward to expanding the company’s relationship with existing customers and to solving their product challenges. We are excited to have Tide Rock Holdings as a partner and look forward to realizing the company’s growth potential together.”

About ISC Engineering

ISC Engineering is an overmolding solutions and manufacturing company based in Chino, CA. The company was founded in 1999 by overmolding industry veterans. The company has built its reputation on delivering industry-leading solutions to customers’ product design challenges through engineering and manufacturing excellence. The company’s customers include Fortune 500 enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses that require overmolding in a wide variety of high performance and harsh environment applications.

About Tide Rock Holdings

Tide Rock Holdings is a holding company based in San Diego, CA. Tide Rock is managed by experienced operators and finance professionals with expertise in growing lower-middle market business-to-business companies. Tide Rock invests with a long-term perspective, limited use of debt, and a focus on accelerating growth through investment in people, processes, and resources

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