Flux Power & ISC Announce New Partnership Benefits

We have some exciting news as we have partnered with Flux Power to help design and manufacture custom cabling, box builds, and custom cable molding.  

This partnership will provide many benefits to both ISC and Flux Power. As a bonusif the right opportunity appears, we will expand the partnership and utilize our expertise in strain relief, complex assemblies, and encapsulated PCB & circuits. 

Please check out this Flux Power blog post to understand the benefits of our cooperation. https://www.fluxpower.com/blog/the-top-5-ways-a-lithium-ion-battery-makes-your-forklift-safer 


At ISC, we strive to provide all our partners with custom solutions and service. 

If you have any new projects that use: 

Or if your company has requirements for grommets, molded boots, feed through strain/flex reliefwe can help you.  Check out our solutions page to see if one our customs solutions can benefit you. 

Solutions: https://interconnectsolutions.com/solutions/ 


Feel free to contact Joel Longoria at Interconnect Solutions Company should you have any questions about our capabilities or industry expertise.  

Contact: jlongoria@interconnectsolutions.com (714) 556-7007 


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