Top 9 Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies can reduce weight, save space and simplify assembly while improving performance and safeguarding your reputation for quality.

Custom cable assemblies are a way of ensuring your product or service meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers. They can reduce weight, save space and simplify assembly while improving performance and safeguarding your reputation for quality. Here’s a look at 9 benefits of going custom.

What is a Custom Cable Assembly?

Cables consist of insulated electrical conductors, often bundled inside EMI shielding, and held together by an outer sheath. Typically, cable connectors are provided at one or both ends. These link the cable to the electrical/electronic devices – a camera to a computer, a hard drive to a motherboard, a servomotor to the drive, and so on.

Lots of companies make standard cables. They’re standard lengths, in standard sizes, colors, and constructions, made from standard materials with standard connectors. Depending on the application, they may perform adequately, but what happens when that isn’t good enough?

Superior performance requires custom cables. These are engineered to meet the specific demands and requirements of the application. They will be the exact size and weight needed. They’ll be made from the best materials for the conditions and performance requirements and they’ll have the best connectors for the job. They may even be color-coded, marked or labeled to simplify assembly and repair. Simply put, custom cables will do a better job than mass-produced items ordered from a catalog.

What are the Advantages of Custom Cable Assemblies?

1. Minimize weight by getting the exact length needed.

Cables can be heavy, and weight is an issue in many applications. Every inch saved is also weight saved.

2. Optimize layout and appearance with the ideal form factor and minimum bend radii.

Would flat cable work better in the application? Solid core or stranded wire? Which materials enable the tightest bends? With custom cable, these points are configurable to suit the application.

3. Reduce cabling by combining multiple conductors within a single sheath.

Instead of having multiple cables running from A to B, which looks unsightly and takes time to install, have them bundled into one.

4. Get the exact connectors and strain relief needed at each end to suit the preferred equipment and usage.

Need screw terminals at one end and a 90° plug at the other? You can get it in a custom cable. Or any other configuration and style you want.

5. Meet electrical performance goals with the best conductors and sheathing for the task.

Shielding comes in different types, as does thermoplastic sheathing. Conductors can be solid or stranded and copper or aluminum. Which are best depends on what you’re trying to achieve in the application.

6. Realize longer life with sheathing and insulation materials matched to the application environment.

Cables used outdoors are exposed to UV light and moisture. Those installed in electrical cabinets or around transformers might suffer attack by ozone. EMI may be serious concern for cables carrying critical signals, especially if they’ll be near large motors or other fluctuating current sources.

7. Eliminate assembly errors and simplify repairs by color-coding the cable sheath.

Color-coding helps prevent mistakes during assembly and aids repair work.

8. Save assembly time by eliminating cable loops and ties.

Anything that reduces installation work saves time and money.

9. Maximize branding opportunities through custom cable marking.

If customers are going to see the cables you use, make them work for you by reinforcing your name and image!

Applications of Custom Cable Assemblies


In the aerospace industry, every opportunity to save weight counts in the long run. Get the exact length and consider switching to aluminum conductors.

Military & Defense

Sheathing must be up to the worst-case conditions, shielding must deliver exceptional EMI protection, and connectors must resist intense vibration. It's not worth taking a chance in military and defense cable assemblies.


Ensure signal integrity with the best possible shielding, and protect against aggressive cleaning agents and regimens by choosing the most durable sheathing materials for your medical custom cable assemblies.


When cables are easy to plug in, installation becomes faster and the connections more reliable. Custom cable assemblies can have connectors that make things less complicated.


When spurious signals caused by EMI could cause expensive problems it’s essential to have the best possible shielding in your industrial cables. Plus, when cables need to flex, customization of materials and dimensions helps maximize life.

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