Dust caps

Designed to prevent debris from damaging or obstructing the face of connectors, these can be made in various materials.

  • Custom logos, colors, and durometers
  • Custom and standard sizes
  • Protection against weather
Housing / Enclosures

Custom enclosures are designed to protect printed circuit boards. Usually made from a hard durometer thermoplastic.

  • Protection
  • Full customization
  • Increased durability
Molded jackscrews

Overmolded jackscrews have features such as knurls and slots for easier install and removal. Jackscrews are available at a low cost.

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved functionality
  • Various sizes and styles available
Slip-on connector boots

Designed to add flex relief and aesthetics to power and signal style connectors. Purposely available at low costs.

  • Covers back of connector for protection
  • Adds aesthetics of an overmolded assembly
  • Provides flex relief to assembly
  • Custom and standard sizes
Slip-on strain reliefs

A custom product line that can be added to any cable assembly and is designed to help extend the life of cable assemblies.

  • Sold in any quantity
  • Adds flex relief to any assembly
  • Various flex styles
  • Custom and standard styles

Let’s get started. We partner with you to design and manufacture complex assemblies with custom overmolding.