Overmold Design For Push-Pull Spin Coupling Connectors

Push-pull connectors are a type of cable interconnect which offer a unique locking mechanism for harsh environments.  The connector is locked in position by squeezing the connector body and preventing accidental disconnects from taking place. Introduced by the Swiss as a cylindrical design, this style houses an array of configurations from liquid to gas, coaxial,..

Micro-D Connectors feature overmolded design

With pin-out options from 9–130 contacts, Micro-D Connectors are suitable for military and demanding applications where weight, long-term performance, and miniaturization are key. Units are available in numerous variations, such as insulated and uninsulated wire, PCB mount, solder cup, and flex termination. To maximize ruggedness, connectors have overmolding, which creates a bond between the jacket..

Over-Mold Strain Relief increases durability of battery clips

Offered as alternative to slip-on boot, over-mold solution for battery clip — electrical device used for jump starting vehicles and also common on test equipment — provides strain relief that adds durability and longevity to assembly. Over-molding also increases insulation and grip as well as aesthetics. Over-molding handles encapsulate soldered connection in plastic for additional..

Hi-Rel Connectors offer over-molding for harsh environments

Suited for military applications, Small-Scale High Reliability Connectors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, corrosion, and submersion up to 3,500 psi. Small-scale molds have endoskeleton pre-mold which serves as durable encapsulate for inner conductors. In addition to multi-flex strain relief, over-mold has unique design that optimizes grip when mating to connector. Wall..

Circular Over-Mold integrates XLR connector and PCB

Circular over-mold for PCB with Switchcraft XLR connector furthers capabilities of current PCB and connector design by broadening type of connectors that can be integrated withÂ PCB. Integration ofÂ XLR and PCB into one over-molded unit streamlines connector’s contours, which disguise internal PCB. Inner cap, designed out of hard durometer resin, serves asÂ structure for over-mold, which provides..

Custom Overmold is available for Molex® XRC connectors

Custom overmold, available for IP67-rated andÂ waterproof Molex® XRC (Extra Rugged Circular) connectors,Â integratesÂ solid rib strain relief and custom recessed groovesÂ that promoteÂ additional grip. Along withÂ providing additional rugged protection toÂ connector, this aesthetic encapsulation helps reduce stress on internal connections that would otherwise occur over time. Customized branding is also available. Shape Original Press Release: Molex XRC Overmold ISC..

Black PVC Boots improves durability of Molex connectors

Typically molded in black PVC, multi-application boots consist of discrete injection molded part that slides over power and signal connectors, such as Molex® microfits and minifits, to improve aesthetics and durability. Design allows use on cable or wire bundles with various ODs, promoting flexibility to accommodate needs of multiple assemblies. BootsÂ can also be made in..

New Multi Connector Single Cavity Over-Molds

ISC Engineering is now offering a new line of products featuring multiple connectors within a single cavity. This new product offering comes in many custom built-to-spec styles two of the most common are multiple connectors branching from a single cable and multi connector adapters. There are several benefits of having a single cavity multi connector..

Insourcing Programs for Injection Over-molding of Cable Assemblies

ISC reframes the meaning of “in-sourcing” by helping leading-edge, forward-thinking companies establish their capacity in custom molded cable development, assembly, and production. ISC Engineering has been an industry innovator in bringing manufacturing back to North America. Among ISC’s many services are in-house tooling, molding, cable assembly, new product development, and “insourcing” programs.  The process of..