ISC Engineering Improves Injection Molded Strain Relief for Deutsch Series Connectors

ISC has established a design for injection molding and longevity for field, off-road, and under-hood applications. We specialize in creating custom solutions for our broad customer base in an array of different markets. Our improved design provides superior bend relief by injection molding a low durometer material over the existing ridge on the back of..

Improved Cost Benefits for Overmolded D-subminiature Cable Assemblies

D-subminiature or “D-sub” is a common connector invented in 1952 and has since been adopted into standard and custom applications. Since inception D-sub connectors have been partnered with costly metal backshells which lack the needed flex relief. At ISC we are able to provide opportunity to overmold D-sub assemblies to improve, and in some cases,..

Improved Solutions For Off-the-Shelf Plastic Enclosures – Molded Strain Relief’s

With the turn of the century, Printed Circuit boards have diversified and improved. Along with this development, the use of off-the-shelf or custom plastic enclosures has multiplied. ISC has improved upon the incorporation of added flex relief by creating an off-the-shelf strain relief product. As a value added part, strain reliefs are a vital component..

Strain Relief is designed for Amphenol AT-SR01 Series Connectors

Providing bend relief, Multi-Flex strain reliefÂ for Amphenol AT-SR01 Series connectors featuresÂ injection-molded, low-durometer material over existing shrink tube lip. This provides aesthetic complement to cables and harnesses while promotingÂ cable assembly life by limiting bend radius. Construction characteristics promote longevity for field, off-road, and under-hood applications. Original Press Release: ISC Engineering Creates Multi-Flex Strain Relief for Amphenol..

Improved Injection Molded Solutions for Embedded Electronics

With the turn of the Century over molding embedded electronics has evolved from a niche into a market of its own within the expanding cable assembly industry. With printed circuit board assemblies becoming compact and cost effective when it comes to input/output (I/O) connections. Continued advancement in PCBA technology combined with an over molded package..

Mold Tooling is designed for IP67 Mil Spec connectors

Mold tooling for IP67 mil spec circular connectors includes Glenair Mighty Mouse series. Built to withstands harsh environments, injection molded solution for ruggedized lightweight connectors eliminates mechanical strain reliefs and heat shrink boots. Customers can also add logos, thumb pads, and features for connecting protective dust caps via threaded nut embedded into overmold. Capability of..

Improved Strain Relief Solutions For Custom Applications

ISC Engineering offers an extensive collection of standard, off-the-shelf and Semi-Custom made to order molded strain reliefs. Strain reliefs can be made custom to your application in all shapes and sizes. You can use the 3D Configurator on our website to build your model, then download the 2D drawing or 3D CAD file to help..

ISC Implements 5S Workstations on Production Floor

ISC is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our quality management system. The most recent step we’ve taken in our lean journey is implementation of 5S on our production floor. This was a significant investment for our company and our goal is to bring higher quality products to..

ISC Offers Custom BNC Connectors with PCB Overmolding

ISC is proud to announce our capabilities in the field of custom BNC with PCB assemblies. A BNC connector is primarily used for coaxial cables for fast and easy connect/disconnect situations. The root name is Bayonet Neill-Concelman which refers to the bayonet mount mating system where the coupling nut is rotated to fully achieve the..

Custom Injection-Molded Audio Cable Connectors

Audio connectors were made famous from telephone cable switchboards in the 19th century. Today these cable connectors are used in various audio applications and can be made in either plug or jack version with a varying number of contacts. With so many day-to-day uses for these cable connectors, why not have a custom look to..