ISC Engineering Joins NAMM

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is an association dedicated to the music industry. Members include commercial companies, distributors, affiliates, and manufacturers. True to ISC’s mission to expand the use of custom molded cable assembly interconnects, custom products in the music industry are a primary focus for us. Similar to many of the solutions..

Improved Flex Life For Coax (RF) Assemblies

With the expansive use of Coax (RF) cable assemblies in Aerospace, Communication, Industrial, and Military atmospheres—rugged solutions are needed to meet specific industry standards and stringent frequency requirements. ISC Engineering’s improved overmolded solution helps provide a high flex, rugged part which in many cases helps reduce the total cost of ownership. Overmolding is an effective..

Tapered Strain Relief Solutions For Custom Products

ISC has improved upon our standard and made to order molded slip-on strain relief’s by integrating a tapered front section. Standard strain relief’s are molded with a flexible PVC material, other thermoplastic materials are available such as polyurethane and TPE’s. The addition of a taper allows for easier insertion with plastic enclosures for electronics, medical..

Overmold Design for New Nano-Fit Molex Connectors

Molex’s improved Nano-Fit connector series looks to offer proven characteristics of the Mini-Fit and Micro-Fit connectors with protected header terminals and a reduced profile. This style of power and signal connector has proven to be cost-effective and functional for many applications. In our experience, however, this type of connector lacks structure and durability when terminated..

Improved Molex Pigtail Assemblies with Overmold Strain Relief

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) tend to outsource and purchase Molex pigtail assemblies to use as sub-assemblies for box builds, industrial equipment, medical applications and printed circuit board assemblies to name a few. Molex style of power and signal connectors are functional, cost effective and make excellent candidates for injection molding especially when combined with an..

ISC Engineering Improves Workstations with Ipad’s

ISC’s commitment is to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our quality management system. Recently we have improved upon our manufacturing process with the addition of Ipad’s to help improve efficiency and further our progress towards lean manufacturing. The result is increased productivity due to ease of use and abilities..

Power and Signal Connectors have molded strain relief design

Ultra-Fit connectors offer characteristics of Mini-Fit and Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors with, but not limited to, additional color-coded housings, optional TPA retainer to reduce terminal backout, andÂ reduced profile up to 20%. For terminating toÂ cable or wire harness assembly, solutions accommodate 2 options: overmolding, which encapsulates terminals withÂ such resin as PVC orÂ TPR, or injection molding, which also..

Improved Overmold Design For Bulgin Waterproof Connectors

ISC Engineering introduces a new line of injection overmold tooling for IP rated Bulgin connectors. Determined to stay ahead of the curve ISC offers new standards for IP rated connectors in anticipation of customers demand by introducing molded solutions for ruggedized light weight connectors which withstand harsh industrial environments for power and data signals. Our..

ISC Engineering Improves Injection Molded Strain Relief for Deutsch Series Connectors

ISC has established a design for injection molding and longevity for field, off-road, and under-hood applications. We specialize in creating custom solutions for our broad customer base in an array of different markets. Our improved design provides superior bend relief by injection molding a low durometer material over the existing ridge on the back of..

Improved Cost Benefits for Overmolded D-subminiature Cable Assemblies

D-subminiature or “D-sub” is a common connector invented in 1952 and has since been adopted into standard and custom applications. Since inception D-sub connectors have been partnered with costly metal backshells which lack the needed flex relief. At ISC we are able to provide opportunity to overmold D-sub assemblies to improve, and in some cases,..