Military & Defense

Contracting with military suppliers for over 25 years

ISC has been providing assembly services to the Military Industry for over 25 years. These services include land, air & sea-based detection, weapons, defensive systems for aircraft assemblies, electro-mechanical box builds, wire harness systems, complex wiring and connector systems for military drone applications, and electronic sub-assemblies for military aircraft and defense systems.

We are certified AS9100D. ISO-9001-2015 and ITAR compliant.

Case Study


To design complete manufacturing solutions for intricate control panels, a ruggedized computer system, and a PTZ camera assembly for Anduril's Sentry Tower System.


ISC and Anduril engineers collaborated to provide complete drawing packages, work instructions, and the design and completion of lean assembly stations.


Our team completed each unique project on time, and the builds continued utilizing lean manufacturing processes.