Withstanding abusive environments in transportation, construction, and agriculture

Whether it be off-road, automotive, agriculture, or construction equipment, our rugged, high-performance cable assembly, and overmolded smart cables protect against the elements. These elements include moisture, extreme temperatures, cable breakage, chemical deterioration, and other limiting conditions that may exist in adverse environments.

Whether you need a custom cable assembly, smart cable, or slip-on strain relief, we can provide a solution tailored to your application parameters.

Case Study


Tesla approached ISC with a consulting project to develop EV charging adapters and mating plugs that were not only reliable but also met the aesthetic standards of the Tesla vehicle.


ISC and Tesla worked together for 14 months to develop mold tools, which then produced adapters with the utmost quality and efficiency.


After setting a high standard at ISC, Tesla transitioned production offshore to support its exponential growth.