Trusted partner of the most demanding aircraft prime suppliers

ISC is a sub-prime supplier providing cable assemblies, harnesses, and control panels for Boeing and Airbus Commercial Aircraft. Manufacturing for aircraft and aerospace is a large part of our business and is time-critical and driven by quality. We have in-house capabilities to provide weight saving assemblies that absorb shock, rigorous flexing, high voltage, water, and extended product cycles.

We are AS9100 certified and committed to continuous improvement. Our team has developed trusted partnerships and LTA’s with the most demanding aircraft prime suppliers worldwide.

Case Study


Safran expressed interest in outsourcing the assembly of their Boeing 737 & 787 galley control panels.


ISC's solution included collaborating with Safran's engineers, QA/QC, supply chain team, and management to outsource the production of complex control panels.


The customer maintained on- time delivery and quality requirements to Boeing while increasing capacity and profit.