Philips Medical


  • Philips medical was one of the first large medical customers ISC Engineering did business with starting in January 2008. Philips helped push the envelope in helping ISC Engineering evolve their quality system. Philips recognized ISC’s commitment to continuous improvement and efforts to expand their quality department which led to the kickoff of a new business relationship.
  • Philips engineers worked hand in hand with ISC to develop a custom design for their IntelliVue SRR short-range radio which allowed patients to be mobile in a hospital and still send critical information to the nurse’s station.
  • The part had a custom 6 pin connector which ISC Engineering also tooled and molded in-house. The connector had a dual slotted insert and achieved an IP67 seal.
  • The part in total had 4 separate molding steps which made it incredibly unique. These molds included a molded connector, pre-mold, over-mold, and plugs to seal the holes of the locating pins.
  • The original plan was to have ISC Engineering help with the design, prototype, and development of the parts and transition it to China but Philips decided to keep the production of the part at ISC for 7 years until it went EOL.



ISC and Philips engineers worked together to design, prototype, and develop parts meant to be manufactured in China.


The part required perfection in every step-in order to achieve this PFMEA’s, PPAP’s and control limits were developed.


Became the primary vendor to build the IntelliVue SRR assemblies.