• Anduril applies AI technologies in real-world field conditions to empower Sentry Tower and other border patrolling tools with the ability to disrupt criminal cartels and actively protect military bases. It offers three key products, Sentry Tower, Ghost UAS, and the Lattice AI platform
  • Sentry Tower is a watchtower built to detect and track threats across large areas. Traditionally, watch towers have relied on deploying more people to monitor security cameras across the border. Sentry Tower instead handles the task of detecting people, vehicles or animals and eliminates the need to add more staff to monitor and secure a location.
  • The Ghost UAS is Anduril’s autonomous, single rotor, long endurance, high speed, drone that combines point-and-click autonomous operations with the capabilities of a helicopter. Controlling the drone happens via web or a mobile app.
  • The Lattice AI platform is a software and hardware system that uses AI, computer vision, and mesh networking to address defense-related issues. It integrates Anduril hardware and third-party sensors into a single operational platform, thus allowing Sentry Towers, drones, and other related devices to work together as a seamless networked system.

To design complete manufacturing solutions for intricate control panels, a ruggedized computer system, and a PTZ camera assembly for Anduril’s Sentry Tower System.


ISC and Anduril engineers collaborated to provide complete drawing packages, work instructions, and the design and completion of lean assembly stations.


Our team completed each unique project on time, and the builds continued utilizing lean manufacturing processes.