5 Benefits of Working with a Local Southern California Contract Manufacturer | ISC

Selecting a contract manufacturer and custom overmold solutions provider is a critical decision you make at the outset of any product development project. You depend on ISC for high-quality, accurate circuitry and other essential electronic components and assemblies. All of which will directly impact your product quality, performance, and time-to-market.  

It may be tempting to cast a wide geographic net in your search for a contract manufacturer. Many organizations do try to outsource their components to overseas contract manufacturers in an effort to save costs. However, working with a local, Southern California partner you trust offers many unique benefits. These benefits include:

  •  producing the highest quality product possible
  • getting your product to market faster
  • saving costs through increased efficiency and velocity 


Access and Communication 

Working with a local contract manufacturing and an overmolding solutions partner gives you greater access to the people closest to your electronic circuits and components. Being in the same time zone keeps communication lines open throughout regular business hours, eliminating the inherent latency of working with a contract manufacturer on the other side of the world. 

In addition to faster response times, with a local, Southern California manufacturer, you can reduce the risk of delays or miscommunication due to language barriers and differences in cultural communication styles. Our location allows us to observe the same holidays so we can deliver on your product development schedule. 

Having a USA-based partner allows you to avoid the expenses and hassle of international shipping and delivery, including managing the costs of tariffs and customs requirements. As a local manufacturer and overmold solutions provider, our team can instead offer fast, reliable pickup and delivery options to keep your processes moving forward. 


Seamless Collaboration with Your Engineering Team

A local contract manufacturer can facilitate seamless collaboration between the partner resource and your engineer teams. Even in an increasingly digital world, face-to-face time remains precious for collaboration and building relationships and trust. In this way, your team can spend more time together, giving you greater visibility into the projects being worked on without the hassle of travel time and expenses. 

A local manufacturer and custom solutions provider like ISC can do more than produce widgets on command.e also work closely with you on the design and development process, providing a valuable outside perspective, expertise, and years of industry experience. Ultimately, we collaborate with you to deliver a complete, turnkey solution that meets your exact requirements. By truly partnering with you and understanding the project’s entire scope, we achieve the best possible outcomes for both cost and design for manufacturability. 


Faster Time to Market 

Outsourcing electronic components and assemblies should not slow your processes down. With more visibility and better communication, you can reduce delays and get your product to market on schedule. We can be agile and responsive to tight deadlines and changing forecasts. At ISC, our facility is engineered for manufacturing flexibility. What does this mean? We are enabled to dynamically adapt our processes and offer you solutions that work for your go-to-market timelines. 


Higher Quality Results–at Scale

It may go without saying, but when you work in lock-step with a local partner you trust, you can achieve higher quality results. However, it’s essential to look for a local contract manufacturer with a clearly articulated quality policy

For example, at ISC, we’re committed to continuous improvement and designing every solution to the highest quality standards. Our quality system is monitored, measured, evaluated, and regularly enhanced to ensure our solutions meet or exceed customer expectations. This system provides the highest performance, reliable solutions for our customers. 


The Value of Long-Term Partnerships 

Finally, local contract manufacturers and custom overmold solution providers enable you to build long-term partnerships that can deliver tremendous value for your organization. At ISC, with a longstanding understanding of your business and processes, we continuously improve our processes to meet your requirements. We can offer additional value by helping you plan and forecast more effectively. 


Looking for a Local Partner in Southern California? 

Interconnect Solutions Company (ISC) has been serving customers in Southern California since 1971. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a world-class contract manufacturer of low to medium volume electro-mechanical assemblies for a wide range of customers, including aerospace, military, medical, industrial, and commercial OEMs. 

Our services range from simple fan assemblies to highly technical multi-layered control systems and enclosures. When manufacturing electro-mechanical box builds, we engineer production for optimum efficiency, quality, and scalability.


Contact us today to discuss how we can support your next engineering project.